Terms, Conditions and General Information

Please read the information below, regarding your reservation and visit to Fitz+Potts

  1. Fitz+Potts must be notified if you anticipate the number of people in your party will change.  
  2. F+P serves all Aussie wine, beer and spirits from independent and small producers i.e. we have no XXXX or Wild Turkey etc. Visit fitzandpotts.com.au/menus for our drink offerings. 
  3. We serve 100% plant-based food. This is part of our ethical commitment to the planet, and the welfare of all animals. Visit fitzandpotts.com.au/menus to check out our tasty food menu.
  4. Please be aware that you can only have a reserved area whilst people in your party occupy it. If members of your party leave, then the area they occupied will be available to other customers seeking a seat.
  5. We can only hold a reserved area for 15mins without notification of your lateness. Please contact us if you are delayed.